Gijsbert De Vroom

A man out to prove himself.


Gijsbert De Vroom comes from a wealthy family, having grown up with private tutors in many areas, from horse riding to history to fencing. Often being brought out as entertainment for his wealthy family’s guests, Gijsbert (or Gus to his English friends) learned quickly how to behave around and manipulate high society. An almost handsome man, Gijsbert is practiced in all things business and people related, including the underhanded side. Gijsbert is a man who much prefers words to swords, but can use either when necessary.


Gijsbert De Vroom is the son of a wealthy dutch businessman based in England. Born and raised in London, with frequent trips to The Netherlands throughout his childhood, he has followed in his father’s footsteps to become a businessman of some repute. After greatly increasing his father’s fortunes by negotiating shipping rights from London to Amsterdam, he was poached by the East India Company at the age of 23. After years of respected work, De Vroom was sent to the East Indies to help run operations there. After working for many months on a project in the East Indies to secure spice production lines, he realised his hard work had gone unrecognised. His partner in the project, William Bennington, had arrived in London with the first shipment of spices, claiming all of the credit for the project and securing acclaim, a promotion and a hefty bonus. While still respected in the company, De Vroom was embittered by the experience. Wishing to prove his abilities, and increase his wealth and standing above Bennington’s, De Vroom has secured funding for Captain Jones’ expedition to the Americas on behalf of the East India Company. Now in his early thirties, De Vroom hopes to find fortunes for himself and the East India Company by sailing West into unknown and untamed lands.

Gijsbert De Vroom

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